We take advantage of what this wonderful place has to offer, reducing as much as possible the impact on nature



Eucalipto de reforestação

Eucalipto de reforestação

Horta Orgânica

Horta Orgânica

Coletor solar

Coletor solar


In order to reduce the environmental impact, the materials chosen in the construction of Venturi are predominantly natural and organic, such as wood and fibers.

In architectural design the main structures are made of reforestation wood and only 23% are masonry.

The roofs were made with straw or ecological roof (manufactured with recycled materials and with a CO2 emission / m2 50% lower than that of ceramics).


Solar Energy

From garden lighting to water heating, we take advantage of the solar energy that abounds in the region and does not cause environmental pollution.

Waste management

The waste generated by our kitchen is used in the compost used to nourish the organic garden.

Recyclable materials are separated to be collected by a local recycling cooperative.

Organic garden

Using agroforestry practices, we produce a variety of fruits and vegetables that together with the help of a local partner, supply our kitchen to prepare meals from our menu.


RN-221, 71km 

São Miguel do Gostoso, RN. Brasil

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TEL: +55 (84) 99952-3872


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